An exhibition of photography at KTOO FM and TV, Juneau Alaska



Collodion portraits provide a unique view of modern life seen through a lens over 140 years old.

By using a method equally as old as the lens to create  images, I quickly found that the magic in ancient photographic processes still exists. Long exposures, imperfect lenses, and uneven development plagued early photographers but somehow adds a rare charm to present-day portraiture.

The images are produced using "wet plate" emulsions that involve sensitizing a glass plate that must be exposed and developed before it dries out. This was the mainstay of photography from the 1850's until 1879 when dry plate films were invented.

In a cross technique process from old to new, the negatives are scanned in color and huge poster enlargements have been produced for exhibition. Color scans are very sensitive to the chemical stains in the original negatives and impart additional character to the prints.

Although the final result is produced digitally, little if any Photoshop© enhancement was used.